Welcome to Monica Corcuera's World

Here you can discover her true passion, capturing the beauty and majesty of African wildlife. The unique patterns, colors and textures of the various species found in Africa, allow her to express the energy of this vibrant continent. By sharing her photography collection, Monica looks forward to inspiring and educating others about wild animals and to convey a message of awareness and responsibility towards Mother Nature.

Her work is focused on helping preserve wildlife to live safely in their natural habitats. It's time to wake up and support Africa's Reserves, Conservations and Sanctuaries who strive to meet all their needs to protect wilderness and help local communities.

Monica's work has been featured in International Photography Contests and wildlife sites. She invites you to explore and experience the wonders of Africa's untamed wilderness.
The gallery below is a selection of her photographs, many of which are available to buy in the FINE ART PRINTS in this website.

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